Alzheimer’s or Dementia Care



According to researches, people who are dealing with memory loss would do well in familiar environments. We, at Caring Arms-Home Care Chicago, provide encouragement and assistance, which will help your family deal with the challenges met when taking care of loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

 We optimize our Alzheimer’s care services to provide assistance and encouragement so that elderlies can deal with their disease while giving them the freedom to keep doing what they can. We have developed an authentic training system for dementias and Alzheimer’s exclusively part of our CARE. Our trained caregivers can provide the highest possible care thus changes the way people live with patients suffering from dementias and Alzheimer’s.

Our caregivers are willing to offer fully customized care which:


  • Encourage participation in social activity and other engagements
  • Provide safe and calm environment at home
  • Offers nutritious meals
  • Opens for mind-stimulating activities
  • Deals with changing behaviors
  • Pays respect to the elder earlier in life