Assistance With Bathing, Dressing and Personal Grooming

Care taker helping older lady with dressing

Caregiver Assisting with Dressing

Dressing and Grooming

 As we age it can become a challenge to manage such mundane tasks as buttoning a shirt, tying one’s shoes, putting on socks and so forth. Our respectful, loving caregivers can help seniors with such tasks while encouraging autonomy, when appropriate, and helping them maintain their dignity at all times. Caring Arms staff can ensure that every day clients get up and active, are properly dressed and feel good about how they look.



 Regular bathing is an important part of one’s physical and emotional health. Bathing cleans the body, provides relaxation, stimulates circulation and refreshes one’s spirit. However, bathing can become a stressful situation when physical difficulties, or modesty and family relationships get in the way. Our caregivers can effectively help seniors to take showers, baths or sponge baths, depending on their needs.