Companionship Services


Caring Arms – Home Care Chicago Agency offers in-home senior companionship, which provides the required interaction or activity thus helping your loved one to maintain their mental and physical health. This will help reduce stress and worry among family members and we realize that most seniors are fond of regular interaction with friendly companion such as ours. In this way, we help improve quality of life as we allow seniors to do tasks on their own and have fun with their companions doing what they love.

 Healthy Approach Using Senior Companionship Care

Caring Arms – Home Care Chicago  have senior caregivers who would have fun spending time with your loved ones and be interested in activities like hearing their tales, play games, watch movies, help with hobbies or simply reminiscing memories. It is very daunting for family members to care for their own loved one, accomplish required duties, spend quality time with them and work all at the same time.

Our service on senior homecare companionship in Chicago will provide a way for your loved one to enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding life. In addition, all our experienced caregivers have been adequately trained, screened, insured, bonded and perfectly matched to your loved one.

 Companionship Services:

Companionship and conversation

Discuss current and historical events

Reminisce about the past

Play games and cards

Participate in crafts

Exercise mental awareness

Help with reading

Rent and play movies

Read religious materials

Record family history

Maintain calendar

Maintain family scrapbook

Assist with entertaining

Provide respite care

Plan visits, outings and trips

Visit neighbors and friends

Record and arrange recipes

Clip coupons for shopping

Record and arrange recipes