Help Using The Restrooms

Restroom Accessories For SeniorsSenior Toileting

Elimination of waste is a natural, necessary bodily function. However, this is an activity that we humans are used to doing in private and not discussing openly. This means that those who need help using the bathroom can feel embarrassed and angry at their loss of independence. Our caregivers are trained to provide caring, respectful assistance in toileting, trying to make it as comfortable and safe as possible.

Incontinence Care

Incontinence, that is the lack of control over urination and elimination, is embarrassing, but it can also be unsanitary if not managed properly. Home Care Chicago Agency’s caregivers understand that incontinence represents a difficult time for people, when they feel a loss of independence and a sense of embarrassment. Our caregivers handle these situations with sensitivity and calm, changing adult diapers, pads and emptying bed pans or catheters, as necessary and with respect.