Our Mission

Our Home Care Mission

Caregiver with happy client

Our caregivers are supervised by registered nurse

At Home Care Chicago Agency we believe in providing you with the highest standard of care possible. To accomplish this we employ only the most dedicated, highly skilled caregivers, people who have a real concern for the emotional and physical well-being of our clients.

With our Chicago Home Care you are assured of an outstanding level of care and respect.     

When our caregivers enter your home you know that you are in good hands, receiving service that you can trust. With compassion.


 We Concentrate On Providing the Best Home Care For Our Clients

At Home Care Chicago Agency, we are dedicated to you, our clients. To serve you best we hire staff that are experienced, enthusiastic, compassionate and ethical. We invest in our staff so that you can be assured that our staff has been fully screened, evaluated to ensure that they value the high level of care that we require them to give, and that they are drug free and psychologically stable.

When it comes to your care we are in the business of serving people first. Our business strategy assures us that if we are truly dedicated to the best interests of our clients then our business will thrive.  Servicing you is our business plan, our mission, and our daily goal.

 Our Caregivers Are Creating Relationships

One way that Home Care Chicago Agency serves you is by creating relationships. We build relationships between the company and our caregivers, and between the caregivers and you. We value relationships that are built upon respect and trust. We recognize that choosing us to care for yourself or your loved one is a great honor and responsibility, one which we take very seriously.

By caring for our employees we ensure that they are in a position to best care for you and your loved ones. At Home Care Chicago Agency our caregivers are treasured employees, not independent contractors. We support our employees with adequate pay, management of tax withholding, benefits and more. We take the stress of financial management off their shoulders, leaving them free to focus on providing the best care possible.

We build relationships.


Choosing the Right Care for You

Our care begins with assigning the right caregiver for you, based on your needs, and their strengths and experience. But this is only the beginning. We nurture this relationship by having our nurse in close contact with both the client and the caregiver, to ensure that mutual expectations are being met and an effective care management plan is being properly implemented.

At Home Care Chicago Agency we bring the care that you need right into the comfort of your own home. Our experienced, dedicated caregivers can provide the following services:


Home Care Chicago Agency, for Premier In-Home Care

When you choose our agency you begin a relationship with an ethical, caring provider, willing to tailor their care to meet the needs of you and your family. We offer a level of service that always meets, usually exceeds, industry standards and regulation.

We offer flexible services, 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays.

At Home Care Chicago Agency we offer a safe, reliable service that can allow you to keep yourself or your loved ones in their home, avoiding long hospital stays, nursing homes and assisted living communities. Our highly trained staff have the experience and credentials to give you or those you love secure, comfortable, affordable care in your own home.

We carefully match each caregiver to the client to ensure compatibility and companionship.

Our supervisory staff makes regular assessments to ensure that you are cared for in a way that meets your expectations and increases your satisfaction with life.

Through quality care and respect we make life a little easier, in the comfort of your own home.