Preparation Of Meals

Our Chicago Caregivers Help With Meal Preparation


 Chicago caregiver assisting with meal preparation

Preparing Meals

Sometimes senior citizens have difficult shopping for their own food, preparing healthful menus, and cooking their own food. Thus, our caregivers which are designated to provide personal care services can prepare hot, nutritious, tasty meals in the client’s home, and in some cases assist the client with eating.

Good nutrition is important throughout our lives, but it is particularly important for people who have bodies that are weakened by age or illness. Our Chicago caregivers can promote health in your loved one by preparing nutritious meals that provide energy for the day’s activity, for body healing, growth and immune system health. Your care plan can include the preparation of meals that fit a variety of diets including low fat, low sugar, low sodium and more.


At Home Care Chicago Agency we know that it can be difficult for a grown adult to accept that they now have difficulty feeding themselves. However, assistance may sometimes be required. Our caregivers make every effort to help our clients feed themselves in a way that is respectful and dignified; we recognize that this loss of independence is frustrating for all and so we work to make meal time pleasant through interaction, socialization and companionship.

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