Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


We at Caring Arms Home Care know exactly how important your privacy is in the online world, and with all due respects, all our efforts while collecting and manipulating your data are carried out with the privacy of the individual at hand. This means that our privacy policy covers each and every aspect of your online presence and its anonymity. In this article, we will be explaining to you the whole idea behind the privacy policy of ours and how we use it to ensure that in our efforts of collecting your data while using this site, your private information remains as it is. This policy applies to the information collected online and not through offline methods.


1. Collected Information


We do not store your personally identifiable information unless in the explicit case that you allow us to do so. For that matter, personally identifiable information can be any information that can be used to identify an individual, like name, phone number, address, etc. If you do provide us with such information we only use it to send you follow up information about our products, and in no way or case, will we divulge this information to anyone else.  Apart from that, we also do not use any hardware or software method to capture any other information that you send to us. Our technique of tailoring the information relevant to you is the same one that is used throughout the internet, and that is the use of cookies. These small files are stored on your computer and give us metadata about your preferences so that we can tailor the information related to your specific needs. Of course, the site administrator may need other information to monitor the performance and the success of the site, and these measures can be anything like total number of hits, the number of kilobytes transferred from our Site, the total number of page hits, and the visitor’s IP address.  We have absolutely no information available about your emails and other sensitive information.


2. Use of the Information


If you choose to send us some comments, feedback or suggestions for improvement we will only be happy to forward your message to the most relevant team or the employees so that they can implement them. However, your messages, feedback and comments will in all likelihood be discarded, unless they are required for lawful purposes or we in our own good faith deem it necessary that they be archived. We shall not disclose your private information in any way unless we are faced with the following scenarios(a) Legal or lawful compliance; (b) The protection and the defense of our rights & property; (c) protection against unauthorized misuse of the site; or (d) the protection of the information provided by our users. For that matter we will never sell our mailing lists for any reason whatsoever.


3. Information Security


We would like to point out to you that regular e-mails and such communications are are not completely secure. A normal email can be viewed by other people during the transmission without your or our knowledge or consent. For this reason alone, we strongly advise you not to use the email platform to send us communication that you deem is private or strictly confidential.  Of course, your privacy & data integrity is most important to us, but Caring Arms Home Care will not be able to secure the information that you send to us during its transit. However, the moment it reaches us, you can be rest assured that all our commercially reasonable efforts will be dedicated in ensuring that your data is safe and secure within our systems. If you must contact us, we advise you to do so, on the telephone numbers available on our site.


4. Business Transfer and Disclosure of Information


We also need to inform you that in the event of us merging our services with another company, or buying another company altogether, or developing partnerships, we might get access to customer information and this information may be transmitted as well. On a similar note, if our assets and management get sold to another firm or company then that company will have direct access to our customer accounts database, and your information may be available to them as well.


5. We Have no Control over Privacy Policies of Other Websites Mentioned on Our Site.


Also, you must remember that for the sake of convenience, we have also added some outside links that you can click on from our own website. So when you click on these links, then you get transferred to another website that you selected. This means that the site you have accessed is in no way endorsed by us and we do not support it in any way. We have no knowledge of what it contains and we have not monitored the site in any way, which means that we are not liable for any security risks. This means that your use of the site is completely independent of your use of our website, and we in no way endorse, support or recommend any part of the website that you visit through our links. Even if we have an affiliation with the website whose link we provide, we cannot guarantee any safety or security through your use of the site. If you want to be certain about the site that you visit through us or otherwise, we would strongly recommend that you sift through their own privacy policy in order to ascertain that it meets with your criteria. This will make certain that you are rest assured about your browsing activities.


6. Access of Information


You have every right to change, modify or view the information that you have provided to us. This means that you have liberty to make any changes over the course of time on the information that you have with us so that we can serve you in a more accurate and better way. The information that you will give to us will only be used to get the service to you in a way that is uncompromised on quality.


7. Agreement with Site Policy


When you use this site, you are effectively agreeing to all the terms and conditions that have been listed above in the privacy policy statement. If you happen to disagree with some or all of the points listed above we would strongly advise you not to disclose any of your personal information with us. You must take into consideration the fact that we take your personal information for the sole use of serving you better over the course of your term with us. By agreeing to the information and the terms of use, you hereby allow us to use that personal information in any way we deem fit that would yield a much better experience for you. At Caring Arms Home Care your privacy & data integrity is the foremost of our worries and we have made every effort possible to keep it intact and free from misuse.


8.  Governing Law


This Policy and the use of this Site are governed by Illinois law.  Any claim related to the Site or this Policy shall be brought in a federal or state court in Illinois, within one (1) year after the claim arises.  Users of this Site consent to the jurisdiction and venue of such court as the most convenient and appropriate for the resolution of disputes concerning this Policy.


Caring Arms Home Care welcomes comments and questions about this Policy and about our Site.  Any comments or questions regarding this Policy or this Site may be directed to our webmasters at  You may also call us at Caring Arms Home Care.