Why Us


We, at Home Care Chicago Agency, firmly believe that our client’s peace of mind can only be achieved by offering the highest possible quality in caregiving. All of our employees develop and exercise important values that will uphold the name of the company including integrity, compassion, excellence, family, diversity, trustworthiness and accountability.

We are aware that a compassionate, dedicated and qualified professional is necessary but finding one may be a challenging process for families, individuals or health care providers. Our Chicago home care agency understands this challenge hence we commit ourselves to rigorous hiring and screening process. We perform specific screening processes and practices to all our employees so you are guaranteed quality, professionalism and skill every time.

Home Care Chicago Agency promotes continuing education to all of our employees.

We require our recruiters to watch for top talents in every area we serve. Each professional undergoes strict screening, background checks and personal interviews to verify their qualification and competence in the given field so we know they can meet our client’s needs. We dedicate ourselves to getting the right professionals but it doesn’t end there. A Home Care Chicago  representative will follow up each placement to ensure that it is suitable for you since we want to make your life easier.